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Ferrari F8 Tributo 488 Pista Carbon Scuderia Emblems Fenders

Ferrari F8 Tributo 488 Pista Carbon Scuderia Emblems Fenders

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True beauty begins in the details. These emblems give your Ferrari an extra racing look. Highest quality carbon in the exact same manufacturing process as Ferrari paired with the original "Cavallino" metal on each side. Unfortunately, these emblems are almost never available directly from Ferrari, which is why we have made it our task to include them in our program.

The emblems offered only fit the F8 Tributo and all 488 models.
However, we also have the possibility to manufacture the same emblems for other models.

The emblems are made in high-quality manual work, so the delivery time is approx. 2 weeks to guarantee you the best possible quality.

Installation takes place as with the original part using the 3 screws. A rear decal is included to keep the emblem from rubbing against the fender and damaging the paintwork.

There are some offers on the internet with fiberglass inserts, we distance ourselves from them. We only have full carbon parts in our house!

If you have any special requests, please feel free to let us know! We have countless possibilities for your Ferrari and the only limit is creativity!

-very light & stable (approx. 80% weight saving)
-Completely made of carbon fiber
-Perfect fit
-UV sealed with a special scratch and stone chip resistant clear coat
-Manufactured in autoclave at high pressure & temperature

The original part was scanned with our 3D scanner and completely digitized and redesigned to integrate the screw connections. This enabled us to reconstruct the parts with an accuracy tolerance of 0.03mm (equivalent to a tolerance of a human hair).

The part is manufactured in-house in an autoclave with high-quality prepreg carbon under high pressure and temperature. This technique is also used by Ferrari itself for all parts, as it allows the carbon to be processed more stably and cleanly.

Individual inquiries are also welcome. We also manufacture parts on request as well as for prototyping, serial production etc.

Material & Weave

Carbon fiber canvas 1x1

optical care tips

Our carbon fiber parts behave similarly to ordinary body parts. Scratches etc. can usually be polished out very easily.

However, caution is advised not to damage the protective clear coat too deeply.

installation instructions

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