• Our services

    - Prototype construction for small series

    -Construction & development of models

    -CNC milling & turning


    -3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

    -3D printing

    -Painting / Coating

  • Our materials

    - Carbon fiber (CFRP / “Carbon”)

    - Aramid fiber (Kevlar)

    - glass fiber (GRP)

    - Hybrid materials such as carbon fiber & aramid

  • Our industries

    - automotive industry

    - racing

    - aviation

    - medical technology

    - Sports and leisure industry

    - Custom made

Autoklav AutoVM Carbon Hersteller Tuningteile in Handarbeit


Perfect carbon parts thanks to the latest technology. We rely on ours
self-developed autoclave and the use of
prepreg materials. With high pressure and temperature, the components are precisely formed and perfectly hardened. A technology that is also used in Formula 1 and sets us apart from other companies.

Ferrari 360 F430 550 Carbon fibre Ashtray Aschenbecher Lid 10

lamination process

Thanks to our use of "Prepreg Carbon" and precisely fitting molds, we can guarantee you an excellent result. Extreme precision is required during the lamination process, otherwise the finished part will have to be discarded. This process is characterized in particular by the precise number and alignment of the individual carbon layers.

Ferrari 360 F430 550 Carbon fibre Ashtray Aschenbecher Lid 8

Finish & painting

The final and most important stage of production is the final assembly.
Here every flaw in the carbon is checked and repaired to
to achieve perfect result. Each part is customized to the highest standards
Level processed and prepared for painting. We also fulfill
gladly individual customer requests.