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BMW E46 carbon fog lights covers air intake Airintake M package 2

BMW E46 carbon fog lights covers air intake Airintake M package 2

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Air intake covers made of real carbon fiber in an autoclave.
Formula 1 etc. parts are also manufactured with this technology.

Suitable for all E46 with M-Technic 2 / M-Package 2 front bumper
Not suitable for the M3 bumpers, but we have others for them.
The parts are registration-free and are simply glued to the bumper.
Video assembly instructions to follow.

-Very light & stable
-All carbon fiber (i.e. not laminated to ABS or with GRP or similar interlayers)
-Perfect fit
-UV sealed with a special scratch and stone chip resistant clear coat
-Manufactured in autoclave at high pressure & temperature

The part is manufactured in-house in an autoclave with high-quality prepreg carbon under high pressure and temperature. This technique is also used in Formula 1, as it allows the carbon to be processed more stably and cleanly.

Individual inquiries are also welcome. We also manufacture parts on request as well as for prototyping, serial production etc.

Material & Weave

Pure carbon fiber 2x2 twill

optical care tips

Our carbon fiber parts behave similarly to ordinary body parts. Scratches etc. can usually be polished out very easily.

However, caution is advised not to damage the protective clear coat too deeply.

installation instructions

Part is glued to the bumper. Only suitable for M package 2!

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